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Clinical data exchange system ahit Harmony
Unique protocol, ahitHarmony creates secure environment for clinical data transfer
1024 bit SSL encryption technology
Client files stored in AHIT's secured servern wich is hiden from unauthorized access
Special data conversion protocol DUET helps client's ensisting system environment.
Select data and sent it or Data arive and receive it.

Specilized for clinical environment
  The ahitHarmony maintains client's clinical data only in AHIT's server which is protected
 from all king of unautherized access.Although such system are installed in wide variety of client
 emvironment in different locations, AHIT system secure each data by storing only in their server
 Once date is send create notice to recipients, however data remain in AHIT's server. Recipient
 acknowledge message and access to AHIT server and retreave the data. AHIT system autmatically
 erase client data from AHIT's server. Thus there is no direct data transfer between clients.
 Information security is maintaind in AHIT server.

  ・The ahitHarmony can exchange different format of client data by using a companion protocol Duet.
  ・Support data transfer between different institution (clients)
  ・Access to in house database
  ・It is not necessary to have electric medical form system or imaging database

ahitHarmony creates
  ・Effective and secure information exchange system with low costs
  ・Utilise existing client's system environment
  ・improve quality of clinical data management and analysis
  ・User frendly system

A companion protocol ahit Duet
Data conversion protocol in different format and system
The ahit Duet is an only protocol to utilize existing system environment and 
 communicate between defferent operation systems. The ahit Duet convert date 
 between different version of instrument and different format (clinical data, imaging 
 data, electric medical chart, etc.) It is also ideal to communicate between different 
 facility by using ahit Duet protocol. Cliet (physitian) can obtain necessary information
 between several facilities. AHIT provide such customizations to all clients.

Advantage of ahit Duet
Utilize existing data managemnt system environment and transfer information
   in the system
  ・Cost effective  bucause clients can keep existing system